A Majestic Sunset

Glowing sunset at Goat Rock, Sonoma Coast State Park near Jenner, CA

Glowing sunset at Goat Rock, Sonoma Coast State Park near Jenner, CA

A little bit about me:

My photography has not brought me to many wildly unique places. I do not have a social media "presence" and I certainly do not "influence" anything in that realm. When I get the inspiration to grab my camera gear and head out on a photographic journey to the other side of the county, seven times out of ten I will ditch that idea before I leave the house. (If I'm honest, that bailing percentage is probably closer to 80 percent).

I spend an embarrassing amount of time looking over what gear other photographers shoot with and pass large chunks of minutes watching YouTubers do their vlog-thing while quietly wondering if an introvert like me could ever fill a five-minute video with, you know...actual spoken words. (And I bought a microphone to do what? Blow into???)

My 2001 Toyota Sienna is close to implementing the mileage mercy rule so I have already picked out that spiffy slightly-used converted sprinter van for all the travelling to the National Parks I wish to do. But then my aforementioned "bailing percentage" comes to mind along with the minor inconvenience of barely having enough money to buy a new door handle for that Sienna...

The reality is this: my photography is not taking me anywhere exotic soon. I will post an image or two to Facebook or Instagram and be delighted with the seven likes I receive. Most of the time I will stay at home, exhausted from a long day at work from my Job, leaving the camera in the bag in the corner of our second bedroom. Someone will recommend another video and down that wormhole, I will go once again.

Here is my hope: that once in a while, ideally more often than not, I will go out with my camera on a night like I had the other night. The skies will look promising and my destination will be full of photographic potential. My companion may be a book, an instruction manual for life in the eyes of some. A quiet moment will be had, and a scene like the one above will present itself, sort of as a gift.

To me. Saying, "way to go" for doing what I love to do: witnessing Creation present itself in a breath-taking, life-giving way. To know that that moment was...for me. And since I had a camera with me, it could have the possibility of being meant for others to see as well.

Thank you for reading this post. Believe me, I'm grateful for your time. But if I'm honest, I am writing more for me than for you. I hope you understand. Stay tuned, though! I am hopeful there will be a lot here for you, too.